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Choosing Dress

Recognize Best eDressit Dress to Embrace Your Figure

We know that the dress should be perfectly fit if you want to show elegance, femininity or personality. You have chance to embrace your style and shape, just know what the figure type you are in and what to wear.

Neat Hourglass
If you have a defined bust and waist and also a neat bottom and hips, then your body type is probably Hourglass. Your measurements allow you to carry very simple styles in a very elegant and stunning fashion. Remember that too many details will clutter your look. The sweetheart neckline will accentuate your bust, and show off your collar bones, while the straight skirt with a slight flare at the bottom accentuates the smallest point of your waist, and flows nicely around your hips. Finally, this fully sequined gown has enough shimmer and sparkle to stand out without being overdone. Finish off your look with flowy locks, or a classic updo, and a pair of banging shoes.

Do you have full hips, a defined waist, and a smaller bust? If so then your body type is defined as a "pear". Your curvy bottom can support a classic fitted skirt, while your smaller top is open to lots of potential necklines. Wear it with straps, or go strapless, it's up to you! The empire waist seam under the bust will highlight the smallest part of your waist, before the dress flows over your fuller hips. This simple dress is has an elegant touch with the flared out lace panels at the bottom that compliment the simple top.

If you have rounder shoulders, a slightly larger bust, fuller middle section, and great legs, then get ready to show off your "apple" figure! Work towards styles that accentuate your legs, and/or bring attention to your face. Dazzle the eyes of your admirers by showing off your best features. The ruched draping and one shoulder silhouette creates movement and lines that are very complimentary. Meanwhile, the sexy slit shows off your gorgeous legs, and the slight bling is stunning.

Lean Column
Do you have an athletic build that insinuates narrow shoulders, a smaller bust, lesser defined waist, and narrow hips? If so, then you're about to learn about some styles that work for your "lean column". Because your features are naturally undefined, it is up to you to use details to create the illusion of a unique shape. This dress is all about the illusion! The illusion mesh on the sides creates a dramatic hourglass figure, while the V-neck mesh neckline accentuates your bust. The way the skirt falls over your hips and flares out finishes off the curvy look. While the fully sequined gown shimmers just as much as you will!

nverted Triangle
If you find yourself sporting a larger bust, and smaller hips, along with an undefined waist, your body shape may be categorized as an "inverted triangle". Your smaller waist is easy to accentuate, while you may have to be more conservative around your bust. This flowy style will create the look of fuller hips, while the ruched waistband hits at the smallest point of your waist. Additionally, the V-neck shows off your bust, but is supported by the incorporated straps. Along with offering support, the straps cut through your broad shoulders to create a more delicate look.

You can know which type you are in now. And the next step is to choose a reliable evening or prom dress supplier. eDressit is nice. Various types and dresses for you.
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